About Us…
Feral Grace Productions is a small Theatre and Cabaret company based out of Dunedin and Christchurch. The group was founded by comedian and director Feather Unsure (known to the law as Emma Feather Shaw.)

Beginning in early 2015, the group of actors, singers, comedians, dancers and circus performers banded together to perform regular theatre, comedy and cabaret shows.

Although best known for the monthly Lads on Tour cabaret series,  the company also perform original theatre pieces,  such as their debut performance at 2015 Dunedin Fringe, Are You Game? – a piece that explored the themes of sexual assault and blurred lines of consent.  In the 2016 Dunedin Fringe,  the company performed Two Zones Please, a play that took place onboard a moving bus; and in June 2015, Shaw’s original comedy script The Road Has No Name was performed. The script for this which was shortlisted in the B4 25 Playmarket Young Playwright’s Award in 2012. In 2017 Feather Unsure’s hard hitting, candid solo theatre piece, F*cking Clowns and Other Hobbies toured the country to full houses and standing ovations,  speaking to crowds about mental health and suicide. Her more light hearted Fringe show in 2018, We Can Date if You Hate Umbrellas Too was a celebration of hate, performed with talented Dunedin musician, Bryn Massey.

Feral Grace Productions take a grassroots, DIY, low budget approach to bringing quality, accessible, and affordable live entertainment to the stages of Dunedin, Christchurch, and beyond. Feral Grace endeavours to showcase local talent on a regular basis, and keep ticket prices low to ensure people on lower incomes can enjoy entertainment that is often financially out of reach to them.

Feral Grace are happy to help up and coming producers and directors get their events off the ground, and assist with promotion and production for visiting artists. A wide variety of cabaret performers are available for corporate, private and community events.

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