Past Events

    • Lads on Tour #41 – Jan 2019
      @Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin. The Lads on Tour Cabaret Series visits its home town of Dunedin, bringing a night of drag, burlesque, circus, music and comedy to the stage.

    • Lads on Tour #40 – March 14th 2019
      @Darkroom, Chch. The Lads on Tour Cabaret Series, celebrates the HUGE milestone of reaching 40 cabarets! Performed across the South Island since early 2015, the monthly variety show is still going strong!

    • Lads on Tour #39 – Jan 2019
      @Darkroom, Chch. Celebrating creative of director of Feral Grace Productions and the Lads on Tour Cabaret Series, Feather Unsure, purchasing a venue in Christchurch! 
    • Lads on Tour Cabaret #38 –  15th November 2018
      @Loan and Merc, Oamaru. As part of the Victorian celebrations, enjoy a night of circus, comedy and burlesque with the crew from Lads on tour Cabaret. Experience the “other side” of society in Victorian Oamaru.
    • Lads on Tour Cabaret #37 –  26th October 2018
      @ Little Andromeda, Chch. 
      As part of a fun and diverse programme of events in a central city pop up marquee location. 
    • Lads on Tour Cabaret #36 –  1st Sept 2018
      @ Kensington Funhouse, Chch. A variety show featuring circus, comedy, dance, burlesque and more.
      8:00pm, $10 entry
    • Lads on Tour Cabaret #37 –  7th Sept 2018
      @ Dee’s Cafe, Dunedin. A variety show featuring circus, comedy, drag, burlesque and more.
      8:00pm, $10 entry
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret #34 –  21st July 2018
    @ Dee’s Cafe, Dunedin. A variety show featuring circus, comedy, drag, burlesque and more. Performers Viola Lux and Amara Morningstar made their Lads on tour debut and absolutely rocked it. 
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret #33 June 2018
    @ Hell Fire Club, Lyttelton. A variety show featuring circus, comedy, dance, burlesque and even a labrador named Billy that ran on stage at one point. 
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret Showcase #32 May 2018
    @NAT, The Octagon, Dunedin. A special showcase in a big theatre space featuring aerialists and more. 
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret #31 May 2018 @Kensington Fun House, Chch.  From pole dancing to reverse burlesque, the May Lads on Tour had it all. 
  • We Can Date if You Hate Umbrellas Too March 2018
    @ Dee’s Cafe (former Purple Rain Cafe),  Dunedin. A comedy show about pet hates featuring Feather Unsure and Bryn Massey, performed as part of Dunedin Fringe Festival.
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret #30 March 2018@ Hell Fire Club, Lyttelton. A variety show featuring circus, comedy, dance, burlesque and more. 
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret #29 November 2017
    Hell Fire Club, Lyttelton.  A night of circus, swing dance, stand up comedy, burlesque, jazz musicians and more. 
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret #28 September 2017
    Purple Rain, Dunedin. A goodbye to Purlple Rain’s owners, Debbie and Frits, with a line up of burlesque, drag, circus, and live music – with a special guest from Christchurch who played Nine Inch Nails covers on an organ.  
  • Lads on Tour #27 August 2017
    @ Halo Venue, Christchurch Featuring award winning drag and burlesque artists, plus stiltwalkers, jugglers, a live jazz band and more.
  • Lads on Tour #26 July 2017
    @ Purple Rain, Dunedin Featuring a line up of newcomers to the cabaret circuit, including new burlesque and swing dancing performers. 
  • Lads on Tour #25, June 2017
    @ Darkroom, Chch Featuring a tapdancing penguin, and guest drag queen all the way from Melbourne, Joanna Laheaux. 
  • The Poet Creep, May 207
    @ Hard to Find Bookshop, Dunedin A performative book launch and poetry reading in celebration of the release of Reuben Todd’s book The Poet Creep. 
  • Lads on Tour #24, May 2017
    @ Purple Rain, Dunedin Featuring some of Dunedin’s best burlesque artists.
  • Lads on Tour #23, March 2017
    @ Wunderbar, Chch Featuring some of Christchurch’s best burlesque and comedy artists. 
  • F*cking Clowns and Other Hobbies, March – April 2017 
    National tour.  An honest and enetertaining romp through Feather Unsure’s mind. This solo comedy show shared the funny bits and sad bits of her life so far. The show received full houses and standing ovations. 
  • Lads on Tour #22, Nov 2016
    @ Inch Bar Ending another successful year of cabaret with one last wee show, featuring guest acts  from Australian and NZ professional circus performers. 
  • Lads on Tour #21, Oct 2016
    @ Secret Location A special Halloween house party edition of Lads on Tour. 
  • Lads on Tour #20, Oct 2016
    @ Bennessere Studios Our biggest show yet, with over 16 acts and 20 performers, featuring vertical aerial dance and The Black Lace Brigade. 
  • Lads on Tour #19, Sept 2016
    @ Inch Bar A variety show featuring live music, dancers, circus, comedy, burlesque and more 
  • Lads on Tour  #18, August 2016
    @ Dog With Two Tails Featuring special guest musician “I Forget,” and old and new performers of the Dunedin cabaret scene. 
  • Lads on Tour  #17, July 2016
    @ Inch Bar Featuring special guest acts by a magician and a clown 
  • Lads on Tour #16, June 2016
    @ Inch Bar. Featuring dark fusion bellydance and a mind-reader, this was one of the best Lads on Tours yet!  
  • Lads on Tour #15 – Christchurch Mini-Tour,  May 2016
    @ Wunderbar. The Dunedin crew road tripped to Chch to team up with Christchurch dancers and musicians for a great night of cabaret.
  • Lads on Tour #14 – Cancer Society Fundraiser Special, April 2016
    @ Purple Rain. A great night, raising $200 in koha on the door for the Cancer Society.
  • Two Zones Please  – Dunedin Fringe Festival, March 2016
    Onboard an Otago Heritage Bus. An experiment in interactive, mobile theatre and liminal space.
  • Lads on Tour Cabaret #13 – Loved Up, March 2016  
    @ Dog With Two Tails A jampacked night of drag, burlesque, comedy, and dance – featuring cheesey love songs, Mills and Boon readings, and awkward romance stories.
  • Lads on Tour #12 – December 2015
    @ Secret Location. A special house cabaret event featuring spot performances.
  • Lads on Tour #11 – November 2015
    Sword swallowing, dance,  drag, comedy, wardrobe malfunctions, and a whole lot of fun. 
  • Street Cabaret – November  2015
    @ Victorian Fete, Oamaru. Dance and circus performance.
  • Lads on Tour #10 – Halloween Cabaret
    @ Allen Hall Theatre. With over 20 performers, this cabaret was one of our biggest yet. Gruesome, grotesque and ferally graceful,  the Halloween Special.
  • Lads on Tour IX – September 2015
    @ Taste Merchants
    With burlesque, barbie dolls, and a giant wine biscuit costume.
  • Mills and Boon Comedy Night – August 2015
    @ Mou Very. A comedy night based around comedic readings of romance novels. .
  • Lads on Tour VIII – August 2015
    @ Dog With Two Tails.  Featuring live music and burlesque.
  • Lads on Tour VII – July 2015                                                                                                  @ Barrons. A midwinter Summer themed cabaret, performed in the most prestigious of venues – a steakhouse! 
  • The Road Has No Name – June 2015
    @ Taste Merchants. A short play by Emma Feather Shaw about two hitch hikers being picked up by a ranting dairy farmer. The farmer shares her views on everything from AC/DC to anger management, all the while reminding herself to buy a fucking cheesecake. This script was shortlisted for the 2012 Playmarket B4 25 Young Playwrights Award.
  • Lads on Tour Backpacker’s Cabaret – South Island Tour, June 2015
    @Birdland’s Wine Co, Oamaru.
    @ Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin
    @ Wunderbar, Lyttelton
  • Mou Very Monday Poetry and Comedy Nights – May 2015
    @ Mou Very. Weekly poetry and comedy nights.
  • Lads on Tour III – May 2015
    @Purple Rain. A cabaret featuring circus, dance, live music, burlesque, drag and more.
  • Lads on Tour II – A Six Buck Cabaret – April 2015
    @ Taste Merchants.  A cabaret featuring circus, dance, live music, burlesque, drag and more.
  • Lads on Tour #1 – A Backpackers Cabaret – March 2015
    @ Purple Rain. A cabaret based on Feather Shaw’s world tour of couches and floors, featuring dance, circus, burlesque, drag and more.
  • Are Your Game? – March 2015
    @ Community Gallery.  
    A play which used dance and monologue to explore the theme of sexual assault and consent.